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Tube Testing Gun Set

Find leaking heat exchangers tubes quickly and easy.

With the TP0631 Tube Testing Gun Set. It reveals even the smallest tube leak (pinholes). With the Tube Testing Gun Set, you can pneumatically test from 3 to 10 tubes per minute, all with significantly less operator fatigue and greater operator safety. The set comes complete with three rod and tube assemblies to test tubes from 7,2 to 32,5 mm ID.


Connect the Tube Testing Gun Set to plant air or an inert gas. Insert the Air Injection Gun in one end of the tube, the Plugging gun into the other and press the air control valve. Air expands the seals on both guns and pressurizes the tube. When the pressure in the tube stabilizes, release the air control valve. Any reduction of pressure will be indicated on the integral pressure gauge to reveal even the smallest tube leak. Press the relief control valve to release the pressure out of the tube and the seals on both guns release again.


  • Interchangeable Seal and Washer Sets: allows testing of tubes from 7,2 to 32,5 mm ID.
  • Compact and light weight: each gun weighs less than 1kg.
  • Uses standard plant air (or gas) supplies from 2,7 to 8,5 bar.
  • Standard seal material: neoprene (alternative materials on request).
  • Seal holders and washers are made of Stainless Steel to prevent corrosion.
  • No leakage after changing the Seal and Washer sets due to the unique sealing element of the seal holders.
  • All thread connections are metric or BSP, through which debris and other impurities can be removed easily.


Neoprene seal, complete with washer sets for use with the Tube Testing Gun Set TP0631 (set for the 2 guns).