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TECO Tube Plugs

TECO produces a range of “TECO PLUG” tube plugs.

Which are used in heat exchangers to maintain a safe and leak-tight seal under the most severe conditions.
The TECO Plugs are used in leaking tubes or as a preventive seal.
The TECO plugs are characterized by the simple, quick and especially safe installation, and also the extreme durable character of this system.

Ordering information

When ordering the TECO plugs, please provide the following information:

1. Tube OD and wall thickness and/or measured tube ID.
2. Thickness of tube sheet, diameter and pitch of the tubes.
3. Tube and tube sheet material.
4. Maximum pressure and temperature.
5. Type of tube-to-tube sheet joint (rolled and/or welded etc).
6. Is there a water head/divider plate, and if yes, also all the dimensions.
7. Condition of tubes and age of heat exchanger.


TECO Plug ® installation equipment

The installation equipment hydraulically installs TECO plugs in seconds. 
The package is compact and easy to use.

The total package includes:

· Specially designed TECO hydraulic ram.
· Air activated hydraulic pump.
· High pressure hose (3m).
· Pressure gauge.
· Storage box.

Standard materials

The plugs are available in the following materials:

· Carbon Steel – C
· Brass – B
· Stainless steel 316L – S
· Monel – M

For alternative materials, such as Titanium you can contact TECO. 

Always ensure that you use a compatible plug for each type of tube to prevent thermal and/or chemical reactions occurring.


Replace the letter X by the code of the requested material (as mentioned above)