TECO tube expanders company

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The Netherlands

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TECO PTC Internal Tube Cuters

Are available for tube sizes 5/8” – 1 1/8” OD (16 – 28 mm).

Other sizes and/or special body tip for larger walls are optional.
Standard adjustable reach of 4 7/16” (110 mm) with optional longer reaches available.

“A” Reach = 7 7/16” (188 mm),
“C” Reach = 10 15/16” (277 mm).


Two piece body and mandrel construction allow for quick and easy tool bit replacement. Optimum tube cutting  performancem and tooling life are obtained when employed by the TECO Cutter Feed Assist. Cutter Bits are now standard with Tin coating, increasing the cutter bit life. TECO PTC  tube cutters are sold with a complete set of pilots.

Not shown: Trimming attachment, to be used in conjunction with the push type cutter, to cut the tube protrusion in front of the tube sheet.