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The TECO Tube Traktor Pneumatic 2014


The TECO Tube Traktor represents the latest evolution in high-speed tube extracting equipment. Designed for use in conjunction with the TECO Gripper type puller this compact powerful machine will enable the operator to extract and flatten tubes from condensers at speeds between 12 and 20 meter per minute once the expansion joint has been broken.

Originally designed to remove and flatten non ferrous tubes from 5/8” to 1-1/4” O.D, the TECO Tube Traktor can be used to extract ferrous tubes from 5/8” to 1-1/2” OD using radius shaped rolls sized to fit each diameter. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, this reliable machine incorporates quality pneumatic motor, manufactured from tool steel and hardened for extended life


TECO Tube Traktor Head Unit Pneumatic 2014



Pulling speed


Pulling force

Air consumption

Air pressure

Max motor

Traktor -12

12 m/min

1183 Nm

2,5 Ton

2 x 2300 l/min
(2×75 cfm)

6,2 bar
(90 psi)

2 x 3,0 Hp

Traktor -20

20 m/min

886 Nm

1,8 Ton

2 x 2300 l/min
(2 x75 cfm)

6,2 bar
(90 psi)

2 x 3,0 Hp