TECO tube expanders company

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2352 BB Leiderdorp
The Netherlands

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TECO has developed an automatic tube spinner capable of running at high speed, tubes out of a heat exchanger, even if the tubes are corroded and dirty.

The electric-hydraulic power unit (pneumatic also available) drives two hydraulic motors for extracting tubes up to 1 1/2” outside diameter.


· Fully self contained hydraulic system with adjustable speed flow control.
· Suspended via a spring balancer for weightless operation.
· Reacts against the tube sheet or the rear of a pulling cylinder.
· Used in conjunction with your existing puller.
· Use simultaneously during pulling operations for maximum productivity.
· Requires only 150 mm tube protrusion to capture the tube.
· Uses Interchangeable pulling collars and roller sets.

Power unit:

Electric motor 400 volt, 3 phase, 7.5 kw (10 Hp) or 
Pneumatic motor with air consumption 3500 Ltr./min. at 6 bar Weight : 230 kg.

Complete supplied with :

· Hydraulic hose set complete with flat faced couplings,6 m in length.
· Remote pendant control with 6 m of cable.
· Spring balancer.

Spinning head:

Pulling force   :  up to 5 ton.
Pulling speeds   :  up to 20 meters per minute.
Weight   :  44 kg.



For each tube OD, a roller set (2 per set) and a pulling collar are required