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Teco Sidewinder Tube Wall Conditioning Machine

Outside Diameter Conditioning Of Tubes and Pipes from 12.7 mm (1/2”) thru 88.9 mm (3 1/2”)

The SIDEWINDER give’s you maximum finish conditioning with minimum effort. Available with a wide range of abrasives, covering virtually every application.

The ergonomic design, including efficient noise and vibration damping, makes the SIDEWINDER easy on the operator in demanding applications. 

For a completely new experience, in tube end finishing the SIDEWINDER offers the answer to heat exchanger,condenser, and boiler tubing. Expanding and Welding can be carried out with complete confidence. 

When contamination removal is in focus, the SIDE WINDER provides a very competitive answer.



Outstanding power and ergonomics:

The SIDEWINDER provides you with extremely high power for external conditioning.

The rubber auto balancer reduces vibrations to a minimum.

Rigid and powerful:

The rigid SIDEWINDER gives you the utmost power for rough tasks of external conditioning.

The perfect balance of the tool enables you to guide it smoothly and easily into the tube bore.